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Dear Presenter,

Organizers would like you to consider the following points of view when preparing your oral presentation. We hope they will prove helpful during your presentation.

The purpose of the workshop is to give an opportunity to each participant to present his/her research work and to receive useful feedback and encouragement. Emphasis is on clinical applications and research advances, backed by appropriate levels of evidence. Similarly, the purpose of the program is to encourage Ayurveda community and the stakeholders to train interaction and discussion across disciplinary borders.

All participants with oral or a poster presentation should prepare an abstract and power point for presentation. Please enclose a recent photo of you for the Abstract. As you all are aware that this is an International Conference so the presentation is to be done solely in English. The presentation should be of 15 minutes which shall consist of 10-12 minutes for oral presentation and 2-5 minutes for discussion.

The audience will consist of academic colleagues and students who are there because they are interested in the subject. Few of the audience do not speak English as their mother tongue. Many of them are not experts of or even familiar with the research field you discuss. So you need to construct a presentation that will inform and enlighten a very heterogeneous audience. Please avoid using jargon and difficult terms.

Only 1-2 questions shall be allowed from the audience after the completion of the presentation. Your answers should be preferably in English. If the queries are put up in Hindi; you are free to answer them in whichever language you feel comfortable with. No cross questioning shall be allowed. However if the audience have other queries they can be later clarified individually between the inquisitive and the presenter.

  • Make sure your presentation is in one of the following formats: Microsoft Office PowerPoint (.ppt), (.pptx) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Please make sure that all inserted pictures are either JPEG or PNG files.

Submit your overall presentation of 15 minutes (approx) through email for final approval. You are expected to hand over the electronic copy to the presentation coordinators (to be present inside the presentation hall) during the session previous to your scheduled session of presentation. Bring your presentation in a memory stick, save it to computer of the venue hall, and test it at least half an hour before the presentation starts. If presentation file contains any video clip or requires any plug-in, speaker should check it with the presentation system with the help of presentation coordinators well before his/her speech.

We wish you will enjoy the opportunity to present your thoughts at the program!!!

Dr.Swastik Jain,

(Member Souvenir Committee)

B.A.M.S, MBA, M.Phil (Healthcare & Hospital Administration)

Medical Officer In-charge, 

Ayurvedic & Unani Services, Uttarakhand Government, (India)



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